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Home Saving Termite Control is a full service termite company offering a completely non-toxic termite elimination product that is unmatched by any other company or product in the industry. Utilizing Dri-Out a dehydration product that is 100% amorphous silica gel powder, we are able to eliminate existing Drywood Termite colonies and protect a home by 92% from future termite infestations. This will save you money and time not to mention the stress of dealing with termites.

Service Area

We service Southern California homes in Los Angeles, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Pasadena, Santa Monica and Ventura County all the way to Santa Barbara.

Dri-Out® contains no pesticide chemicals and has an EPA Health Hazard Rating of "zero". Making Dri-Out a totally green termite control product. This specially developed micron sized desiccant dries out insect's exoskeleton assuring elimination by physical dehydration. Dri-Out cannot possibly pose any threat of toxic chemical exposure to humans, pets, wildlife, waterways or the environment.

Where Dri-Out Can be Applied

Dri-Out can be applied to a single spot, entire room or your whole structure. dri-out is applied to the exterior surface of wood members and injected directly into termite tunnels and channels. Using our patented high-pressure application process forcing the amorphous silica powder to completey fill the termites tunnels. This makes the channels and tunnels uninhabitable for ever.

Once the termite makes momentary contact dri-out death is inevitable. This specially developed micron sized desiccant clings to an insect's exoskeleton during momentary contact assuring elimination by physical dehydration. Because dri-out is not a liquid chemical it will not break down or decompose over time providing a long-lasting protection against termites

Free Termite Inspection

To solve a termite problem in your home using non-toxic dri-out all you have to do is call our toll-free number. One of our state licensed professional termite inspectors will visit your home and evaluate your termite problem. After completing a termite inspection he will provide you with a report. He will also make recommendations on installing dri-out in your structure to eliminate your termite problem. At this time we are providing free termite inspections that include a full detailed report with no obligation. We encourage you to contact us and ask questions and learn how dri-out can help you save your home, protect your family and eliminate your termite problem.

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