In far too many cases you don't know!!! The biggest mistake a property owner can make is to lapse into the "out of sight out of mind theories"

A. I do not have a termite problem because I have lived or worked in this structure for years and I have never seen any termites.


B. I have had frequent professional termite inspections and the report has always stated no termites were visible in the accessible portions of structure. The key phrase is visible in accessible portions.

Most termite inspectors are trained expert professionals. However, they are human and cannot see inside the termites’ natural habitat that is inaccessible floor, walls, or ceiling voids.

You must bear in mind that in most finished structures less than 10% of structural wood framing members are exposed for visual inspection because they are encapsulated by interior/exterior finished surfaces or covered by insulation.

These pictures are from a local Southern California structure where the owner's contractor exposed inaccessible structural framing during a remodeling project. This property owner was amazed by termite damage since he had never seen evidence indicating drywood termite infestations existed. This is not an isolated incident. In the majority of all structures the structural framing is encapsulated and concealed by floor, wall, ceiling, roof coverings and attic insulation rendering this framing impossible to visually inspect by anyone.

However, HOME SAVING TERMITE CONTROL, INC. does highly recommend inspections by a professional inspector every two years because these inspections may reveal many conditions the average property owner would never notice or recognize as a threat to their structure.

Remember: For safety and peace of mind the major cost of damage replacement would be greatly minimized if not totally eliminated for any structure having the termite preventative protection the HOME SAVING DEHYDRATION SYSTEM provides.

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