Let's examine the facts; each colony begins with one fertile egg laying reproductive alate. They can gain access to any lumber in any location by their ability to fly. These swarmers can infest structures in many ways. Drywood termites can infest construction lumber at the saw mill, while being transported, or during the original exposed construction framing stage. Lumber used during new construction or a recent remodel may have been infested before it became part of the structural framing network. However the most common is during their flying migration from one infested structure to another.

Drywood termites can be considered literally contagious to wood framed structures, because reproductive termites from a single infested structure can spread by flying during the migration to many buildings throughout entire neighborhoods. Once a colony is established the population will continually grow in numbers everyday and consume wood 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

From mid August to mid December is the drywood termites’ natural annual migration period. It is during these periods reproductive alates leave the main work force of established colonies taking flight to initiate new colonies in different areas of the same structure or migrating to surrounding structures. During this annual migration ritual existing drywood termite colonies can send out large numbers of egg laying alates several times. The prime target for reproductive swarmer's is construction skeleton framing lumber. As these swarmer's enter the structure they will drop their wings and crawl over surfaces of various wood framing members while seeking out the most desirable location to bore in and lay their eggs. If all wood members are coded with Dri-Out® reproductive termites will come in contact with dry desiccant and dehydrate and die in less than two hours preventing them from ever starting a colony.

Preventing reproductive swarmer's from establishing wood damaging termite colonies in a structure is very easy. By Simply installing a coating of Dri-Out® on all structural wood framing throughout the entire structure will prevent drywood reproductive’s from ever establishing colonies. Drywood termite swarmer's are eliminated as they enter any building having a protective coating of Dri-Out® on structural framework. By eliminating reproductive swarmer's ends a termite problem before it can begin.

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