It is a fact termites cause more damage annually to property structures than natural disasters. More then fire, floods, hurricanes or earthquakes combined.

The largest investment—short of our children—most of us will ever make in our lifetime is in real estate, either private or commercial. With such an investment also comes one of the most important decisions we must make as property owners: how best to protect and preserve it. Drywood termite infestations and the damage they cause is something that most of us have never considered as a real threat to our property. But the fact is, every year, millions of wood framed property structures are invaded by termites.

The only thing that drywood termites need in order to thrive is wood, and as prolific as they are, they require a lot of it. In order to feed their growing numbers, Drywood Termites will hollow out wall studs, roof joists and sub-flooring; they can decimate wall braces and ceiling beams along with window frames, and foundation bracing. Termite activities form galleries holes and tunnels inside of a structure's wooden skeleton framing which will weaken it.

This piece of wood was removed from a customer's home, it demonstrates the severe internal damage drywood termites can cause in a relatively short time. It is estimated that it took under 6 years for the termites to cause this damage.

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