Local spot treatments for termites are just that, local to one spot. Local treatments are preformed for a single spot where visible evidence of termites can be found. This method could end your problem, if the infestation is small and isolated to one wood member.

Drywood termites make kick out holes to the outside to discard termite fecal pellets. When fecal pellets start showing up in the living space the majority of property owners think this is the only place they have termites in their structure. This could be the only place but its possible termites are deeper inside the wood framing. The fact is termite colonies will be living several feet from a kick out hole. The drywood termite would not bore a kick out hole to the outside very close to the main colony, as it would be easy for predators to gain access to the colony.

Kick out holes are used for one main reason, to flush fecal pellets out of the galleries. Drywood termites always put them lower so the pellets run out automatically, if you have kick out holes in your structure this is a sign that the infestation could be quite large. Treating only a single visible kick out could only slow the termites down. In some cases local spot treatment can end your termite problem, but may only stop a limited number of termites from using that hole.

Now, if you think about how a wall is constructed with drywall, texture coat and latex paint, its likely that drywood termites have a number of kick out holes inside wall voids located in other areas of the same structure, ones that will never be discovered.

If a local spot treatment is right for your structure our state licensed termite inspectors will offer you that option. Treating for termites is our business and we will offer you the best solution for your home.

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