Based on theory, highly toxic chemicals and fumigants are released from their containment cylinders with the belief of after they have done their job at the target area they harmlessly dissipate into the atmosphere or soil forever leaving behind no long term hazardous side effects.

But it should be recalled these are the same theories that were used in justifying the use of Arsenic, DDT, Chlorodane and all the other highly toxic chemicals in the past. Many years of concerned public pressure finally forced a ban on the usage of these chemicals as pesticides here in the U.S. Now many years later we are still trying to deal with the harmful side effects these chemicals left behind.

There have been enough negative findings concerning toxic pesticide chemicals to warrant a new thinking by everyone.

We should remember the rule of supply and demand: If there is no demand for unnecessary toxic chemical, the supply will no longer be manufactured or made available for use.

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