Sulfury Fluoride (Potential Health Risks From Overexposure)

Sulfury fluoride is a gas and can potentially enter your body only through inhalation. Because it is a gas, it does not stay on dry surfaces, therefore, there is no exposure from touching treated surfaces.

Nervous system and respiratory irritation:

Overexposure to high levels of sulfuryl fluoride can result in nose and throat irritation and nausea. At high concentrations (such as those used during the fumigation) it can cause excess fluid in the lungs, sleepiness, pneumonia, and convulsions. These symptoms would be expected to appear within 8 hours after such an exposure. In the unlikely event you experience these symptoms in a building that has been recently fumigated, you should leave immediately. Consult your physician and call the pest control company to have your building retested.

Source: Dow AgroSciences (Specialty Products Product Bulletion)