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Family owned and operated since 1965 -

Established in 1965 by Wayne Morris as a general termite control and termite company, Home Saving Termite Control, Inc. set out to do one thing; Supply the best termite control service available. After a number of years the company started noticing a decline in the amount of termites killed with fumigation. In the late 1980's Home Saving Termite Control began a serious search for a method more effective than the widely used fumigation. Working with a number of products, the one that always seemed to perform best was Amorphous silica. Recognized as a form of insect control since the 1950's, amorphous silica offered better results with more added benefits than any other product. A micron sized desiccant amorphous silica sticks to the waxy exoskeleton of the termite and absorbs the body fluids causing death within hours.

The results of the testing were outstanding, killing drywood termites 100% of the time after momentary contact proved this was the answer to the problem. The best part of using silica was that the termites did not have to consume it, inhale it, or be exposed to it for any length of time; termites only had to touch it. Because this is a physical product that's applied to a structure, the home or building becomes termite resistant for the life time of the property.

For years drywood termites were observed on a daily basis. Complete colonies were wiped out in just hours after momentary contact with a special formulation of the 100% amorphous silica desiccant.

Now that Home Saving Termite Control had the product, we needed a way to apply it in the drywood termites home. With years of construction experience from repairing homes and buildings caused by termite damage, Home Saving Termite Control designed a pneumatic high pressure method of applying the micron sized desiccant into the wall and ceiling voids. This unique method applies a thin coat of desiccant to virtually every wood framing member throughout an entire finished structure. Getting the product inside the walls where the drywood termite lives makes it virtually impossible for the colonies to avoid it.

After continued poor results from fumigation, the company decided to stop in the early 1990's, and only offer the dehydration system. Knowing the fumigation chemicals being used were harming humans more than they were killing termites.

After 7 years of testing, developing and perfecting, the dehydration procedure was patented in 1996.

In 1998, registration and licensing to produce the amorphous silica product under the trademark name ?DRI-OUT? was granted to Home Saving Termite Control, Inc. by the Federal E.P.A.

In an effort to become a chemical free company Home Saving Termite Control ended its general termite control in the late 1990's. Focusing on Drywood & Subterranean Termites.

Today Home Saving Termite Control, Inc. installs over 100 DEHYDRATION Systems a year! As of today, we have been using the DriOut?

DEHYDRATION System for close to 30 years & have been protecting single family homes, condominiums, apartment complexes, restaurants, and commercial businesses from drywood termites year after year!

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