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Alternative Non-Chemical Termite Control

In the past property owners with a drywood termite problem only had fumigation as a whole structure choice for riding their home of this termite. Today there are other methods, but not one with the capability of Dri-Out®.

Protecting your whole structure with Dri-Out® is the perfect alternative to fumigation. Eliminating termites by physical dehydration is what puts dry out in a class all of its own. Unlike any other termite elimination product Dri-Out® contains no toxic chemicals, no harmful pesticides and has the potential to last indefinitely.

Once drywood termites infest your structure it can be very difficult to detect the exact location of the colonies. At times you may notice small little pellets on the floor or furniture indicating a drywood termite infestation. These pellets are fecal pellets from the termites. As the colony grows inside the wood their living space gets very crowded due to the buildup of fecal pellets. Termites will make a hole (known as a kick out hole) to the exterior of the wood to clear the pellets out of their way, by cleaning the galleries termites are able to continue consuming and damaging the wood. Most of the time termites will make their kick out hole in the inaccessible voids of walls, attics and sub areas. Once in a while one of the kick out holes will go directly into your living space giving you the indication of a termite problem. During the migrating season mature winged reproductive swarmer's will emerge and crawl or fly to another wood member. The whole purpose of the migration is for the drywood termite to establish new colonies. If the Dr-Out Dehydration System® has been applied to your structure migrating termites don't stand a chance of establishing colonies inside the structural framing. The Dri-Out Dehydration System is the perfect alternative to fumigation.

If you have evidence or think you may have a termite problem a professional termite inspection is just what your structure needs. A professional Home Saving Termite Control inspector can explain to you the advantage and benefits of the Dri-Out Dehydration System®.

The Dri-Out Dehydration System®:

• No toxic pesticide chemicals used

• Whole structure application

• One-time application lasts for decades

• No property or plant damage

• No move out

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