Aug 09

Flying Termites in the Los Angeles Area

Termite Season in Los Angeles

This time of year homeowners in the greater Los Angeles area may be experiencing flying termites, the swarms are most common on warm days after a rain.  In the spring, most common swarming termites are subterranean termites, this species lives in the ground and their whole purpose is to eat dead or dry wood as in fallen trees or tree stumps. Unfortunately subterranean termites cannot tell the difference between a fallen tree and the wood your home is built with.  Before man built homes in the Los Angeles area, termites were natures cleanup crew when trees would fall in the forest and other areas. dead and dried wood attracts termites it’s only natural for them to clean up the dead wood and return it to the ground and make room for new growth.Termits

Subterranean termites can be are easy to spot around the perimeter of your home.  They require the protection of the ground to survive, they can become visible above ground by the mud tubes they build.  These mud tubes can go up the side of a home and reach an opening where they can get into the structural framing of your home.  In some cases if your home is built on a raised foundation subterranean termites can build freestanding mud tubes up to the exposed wood framing of your home.  Southern California homeowners spend thousands of dollars every year fighting subterranean termites in an effort to protect their homes. But the fact is, this is one of the easiest termite species to illuminate around your home.  Subterranean termites live in the ground not in your structure, they only feed on the wood your home is constructed with.  The entire colony lives down inside the ground and may not even be close to your home. Termites don’t like to be bothered, if you see these mud tubes around your property or on your home just knock them down. Check back a few days later if the mud tubes have been rebuilt, knock them down again, after doing us a couple of times the termites will get annoyed and move on.

By applying poisonous chemicals to the foundation or surrounding areas of your home will never eliminate the termite colony.  All you’re doing is building a barrier between you and them, the colony will still continue to survive deep underground.  Save your money and protect your family and pets from the toxic poisonous pesticide chemicals used to deter subterranean termites from your home.  If you feel you have a subterranean termite problem beyond your control, we offer a free termite inspection for your entire property.  In Southern California homeowners battle more than just one termite species, it’s always a good idea to have an annual termite inspection to keep your home termite free. the next time you see flying termites call Home Saving Termite Control for a free termite inspection. We service all areas of Los Angeles County, Ventura County and Santa Barbara.

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