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How Does Termite Dehydration Work?

How Does Dri-Out Dehydrate Termites?

Termites are very delicate insects because they don’t live out in the elements their bodies are very fragile. Like all insects their body is made up of an exoskeleton, the exoskeleton of any insect is can be dehydrated by a special micro sized variation of amorphous silica gel. Amorphous silica gel is not a gel at all but more like a powder, once attached to the exoskeleton of a termite or any other insect death is inevitable.

Years of Testing Amorphous Silica GelTermite Dehydration

Through years of testing and experimenting utilizing different formulations of amorphous silica gel home saving termite control engineered and developed a 100% safe non-toxic product called Dri-Out. Formulated using 100% pharmaceutical grade amorphous silica gel was able to completely eliminate termites inside any structure where the product was applied. It’s also a known fact through studies done in the late 1950s where certain forms of silica powder were tested to see how well it would eliminate termites. Through these tests it was discovered that a light coating of amorphous silica gel on any piece of wood would make that wood member virtually termite proof. Based on these studies and hands on testing Home Saving Termite Control developed and patented Dri-Out, the perfect micro sized amorphous silica gel that can be applied directly to any wood structure open or closed.

Dri-Out The Perfect Termite Killer

Once Dri-Out has been applied using a patented high-pressure pneumatic system, termites can no longer live inside the piece of wood coated by dry out. Termites living inside the wood deep inner channels are also eliminated by using the high-pressure to completely fill all termite tunnels and cavities with amorphous silica gel. Once a termite comes in contact with amorphous silica gel micro sized particles cling to the exoskeleton of the termite. Even the smallest amount of dry out can be lethal to any termite. As amorphous silica gel Dri-Out can absorb 100 times its own weight in moisture. With this ability dry out absorbs the insects bodily fluids actually dehydrating the termite over a short period of time. Once a termite has come in contact with dry out on average it will be completely dehydrated and dead in under two hours.

Environmentally Friendly and Safe

Dri-Out is comprised of 100% pharmaceutical grade amorphous silica gel. The same type of silica gel that is found in toothpaste, deodorants and other food products. This product is completely safe and harmless to the environment, pets, children and adults. The only thing not safe from Dri-Out are insects.

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