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Los Angeles Termite Control: How Do You Get Termites?

How Does My Home Get Termites?

One of the most asked questions we get is “how does my home get termites?” This is a hard question and an easy question to answer, depending on your location there are a variety of ways your home can get termites. If you live in Southern California along the coast like Malibu, Pacific Palisades or Santa Monica your home can be infested with termites several times each year. Depending on the termite species your home can suffer from subterranean termite attack or Drywood termite attack.Swarming Termite Los Angeles

Subterranean termites come from the ground up, in most cases they’re very difficult to discover unless you know what you’re looking for. The subterranean termite species is one of the easiest species to control as some form of ground barrier needs to be applied. In most cases this will deter the termites from feeding on your home. Once the subterranean termites have been controlled they can no longer feed on the wood framing of your home. These termites do not live inside the structure but rather inside the ground.

Drywood termites on the other hand are one of the most destructive pests around. Drywood termites live inside the wood of your home feeding on it 24 hours a day. They can cause more damage than natural disasters like fire, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes combined. Because the Drywood termite lives inside the wood and never has to come out for any reason your home could be infested with Drywood termites for years without you ever knowing.

How Do Termites Get into My Home?

Now the big question how does your home get termites to begin with? The most common way is from a neighbor’s home or wood fencing or even dead limbs on a tree. Drywood termites only need wood to survive that contains the right amount of moisture to provide the ideal food source for the colony. Each year Drywood termites migrate sending off’s swarmers to start new colonies in other areas. These swarmers can emerge from fencing around your yard or a neighbor’s yard, a neighbor’s home that is infested or even in some cases new wood added to your home during a remodel or room addition.

Los Angeles AtticOnce these termites swarm and make it into your home they can start colonies that will start eating the wood framing of your home. The migration for Drywood termites is usually from September through January. Most of the time they will emerge after a rainy day and look for a new place to start a fresh colony, this new location can be within the same structure or a neighboring house or even another exterior piece of wood like a fence or dead tree. The Drywood termite really doesn’t care where they start a new colony as long as it meets their requirements.

How To Control Termites in My Los Angeles Home?

So the best defense against Drywood termites in your Los Angeles home is to protect the wood from infestation. You can do this by keeping any exterior wood members properly sealed and painted. In areas like your attic or crawlspace where you would normally not paint you can use a product like Dri-Out. With only a light coating of Dri-Out inside your attic or crawlspace will help protect your home from termite infestation. Termites only have to touch Dri-Out momentarily to be eliminated through dehydration.

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