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Three Signs Your Los Angeles Home Has Termites!

Signs of Drywood Termites

There are only a few signs that you might be sharing your home with Drywood termites. Some of the clues can be very subtle getting an untrained eye no cause for alarm. Drywood termites do not live in the open area of your home; instead they take up residence inside the structural framing making it virtually impossible to know exactly where they are and how many colonies are there.Drywood Termite

Three Signs You Might Have Termites

One of the early detection signs of Drywood termites are wings in a windowsill or in a corner by the baseboards. Once the flying adult termites discover an opening or crack to get inside a piece of wood they will shed their wings. Most of the time people just vacuum these up not paying any attention to what they are or where they’re located. Discarded wings are one of the first indications that a pair of termites has entered your structure to begin building a colony.

Termite Indication Number Two

The next sign is one of the most common indicators of a large colony inside your structure. Most people describe these as some type of wood shaving or wood chips that builds up in the corner of a room or in a windowsill and also by a doorframe. These little pellets that continually build up are actually the termites fecal. When a colony is large enough their fecal pellets obstruct their tunnels inside the wood. So it is the job of some of the termites to remove the fecal pellets out of their way. They do this by pushing them out of the wood into your home. If you see these types of little pellets around a window frame or doorjamb and you clean them up, then after a day or two they are back, you have a termite colony living inside that area.

Termite Indication Number Three

The last sign that your home could be infested with dry wood termites is one of the most obvious ones there is. During the fall months especially after a light rain swarms of adult flying termites might be flying around your home or can be found dead in windowsills or by other openings. Each year during the fall months establish termite colonies send out’s warmers the start new colonies. Depending on the size of the colonies in your structure this will determine how many stores are actually sent out of the colony. It could range from a few dozen to hundreds. If you experience these warmers flying around your home you should immediately get a termite inspection.

Now you know the common signs

These are the most common signs of a Drywood termite infestation in your home; if you have discovered anyone of these signs don’t hesitate to have a termite inspector explore your home. Termites cause more damage than all other natural disasters like fire, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes combined. The amount of damage they cause can be life-threatening by weakening the structural framing of your home. Drywood termites are one of the hardest termite species to detect and they are almost impossible to evaluate the size and location of the colonies. A trained termite inspector is educated on the most common areas and signs of a termite infestation. The professionals at Home Saving Termite Control have been serving Southern California since 1965. We are some of the most educated termite specialists in the country and we understand that eliminating the termite is only half of the job. You must properly protect your home against re-infestation of termites by utilizing a product that will protect your home’s structural framing and prevent termite from returning.

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