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Concerning Drywood Termites

Drywood termite swarmer

In the geographic areas of California where drywood termites exist, they are the most difficult termite species to control. California red zone of drywood termitesThe reason being they are the only termite species that only requires wood to survive. All the moisture and nutrients a drywood termite colony needs is in the wood they consume.

Any exposed wood, small cracks in exterior surfaces, attic or air vents can be the drywood termites port of entry. Once a single reproductive termite swamer makes it into your California Home, they will start a colony. As the colony grows so does the damage they cause. If you stop the swarmers from laying eggs and starting colonies, you will never have a termite problem. With a single application of Dri-Out®, your structure can become termite free and stay that way for as long as your home is standing. Home Saving Termite Control cannot only eliminate your existing termite problems but make sure your home stays termite free.

It's a fact the drywood termites migrate every year in the fall months and any wood framed structure in Los Angeles, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Pasadena or Santa Monica can be infested a number of times. This is the reason most homeowners say it does not mater what you do termites come right back. Not so when your home is protected with Dri-Out®, any wood member with a light coating of Dri-Out® will kill termites after momentary contact for decades.

Home Saving Termite Control