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Killing Drywood Termites with Non-Chemical Dri-Out®

Dri-Out® contains no poisonous pesticide chemicals therefore is perfectly safe to use in your home around your family and pets. Dri-Out® is a micron sized dry desiccant powder that only affects the exoskeleton of termites and other insects. After Dri-Out® has a lightly coated any wood member termites making momentary contact with this surface will die from dehydration in less than two hours. When any insect makes momentary contact with Dri-Out®, the micron-sized particles cling to the waxy exoskeleton and removes its body fluids. Unlike poisonous chemicals, Dri-Out® does not affect the nervous system instead; it physically breaks down the termite’s exoskeleton making it impossible for them to survive. The exoskeleton of termites and other insects is a thin membrane that holds the body fluids in. Instead of poisoning the insects, Dri-Out® physically dehydrates them without exposing humans, pets or the environment to chemicals.

Not containing any pesticide chemical Dri-Out® will not break down over time, therefore will protect your home for decades. All poisonous pesticide chemicals used for termite control only last from a few hours to a few days, Dri-Out® will remain 100% effective for a minimum of 10 years.

Main benefits of Dri-Out®:

  • No Pesticide Chemicals
  • No Move Out
  • No Roof Damage
  • No Plant Damage

When using Dri-Out® to control drywood termites there is no move out, no poisonous pesticide chemicals are used. No bagging or removing any food items, and there will be no roof or plant damage.

The Dri-Out Dehydration System will protect your structure from swarmers for years. This means termites can’t move right back in hours or even years after the one time installation.

The Structure Preserving Dehydration System® the only true non-toxic, and long lasting protection against drywood termites.

Don’t take our word for it; the best way for you to understand all the benefits is to learn the facts about the most common drywood termite control treatments.

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