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Termites in Santa Monica

The Western Drywood Termite is alive and well in Santa Monica, it's just about impossible to avoid their attack.

Out of all termite species the drywood termite has proved to be the most difficult termite to control. Colonies can contain up to 2,000 termites and cause severe damage in just a short time. This termite lives in timber with moisture content of less than 12%. Unlike their cousins the subterranean termite, they do not live in the ground, require no ground contact, and do not build mud shelter tubes.

The Western drywood termite can be found in California from San Francisco to the Mexican border and about 60 miles inland. Santa Monica is known as one of the hot spots for drywood termites. Any wood framed structure is open to drywood termite infestation; in Santa Monica, California all the conditions are right for them to flourish heaviest infestation areas.

Santa Monica is known to have some of the most expensive real estate in the California. With the number of homes and multi-family structures like condominiums and apartments worth millions of dollars, every property owner should want a product that can eliminate and protect their investment from drywood termites year after year. The presence of multiple termite colonies in a structure will speed up the damage causing $1,000's in repairs.

Controlling drywood termites is not as easy as you may think. Just because you may not see any evidence of termite damage, does not always mean you don't have them. If you live in Santa Monica or one of the surrounding cities it's very possible that your neighbors have them, and it's only a matter of time before your property becomes infested with drywood termites.

Because of the way drywood termites migrate each year, any wood structure in close proximity is open to their attack. This could be from the next door neighbor or a wood fence in the yard, or even a tree. Each year from September to December the drywood termite colonies in southern California send out 1,000's of swarmers. Flying high and low these swarmers can attack tall buildings made up of several floors. No wood structure is safe from the drywood termite; it's in the property owner's best interest to protect their structure with a product that will last for years, and not some temporary band-aid that will let termites back in hours after treatment.

The Dri-Out® DEHYDRATION system can stop the annual swarming and protect your property from drywood termite attack year after year. With only a one time application of Dri-Out®, your structure becomes drywood termite resistant. Years of protection and peace of mind is not the only reason to choose the Dry-Out® DEHYDRATION System. Don’t forget that it has no toxic chemicals, no property damage, no move out, and is the safest longest lasting drywood termite elimination available.

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