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Subterranean termites are common throughout the U.S. and Southern California has its fair share of them.

Just as the drywood termites’ task is to break down dead wood that is above ground, subterranean termites’ task is to break down dead wood that is in the ground, i.e., dead/dying root systems. Remember, the L.A area and San Fernando Valley was an agricultural hotspot, with acres and acres of cropland and groves…with extensive root systems!

Subterranean termites randomly forage through the soil, in search of those dead/dying root systems. Their colony populations may number in the millions. Colonies may reside at a depth of 20-30 feet below the surface…under your street or neighbor’s house!

Occasionally, they will contact your concrete foundation or underside of the slab floor, patio or driveway. These surfaces retain moisture closer to the ground surface, allowing the termites to feel free to venture upward. As they contact these surfaces, they move along them until they approach gaps or cracks. They will bridge through and build tunnels (or “tubes” made with mud, saliva and fecal matter (their own, that is). Oftentimes, it’s those tunnels that we see, which indicates a nearby colony.

Left unchecked or untreated, these termites can tunnel all the way up to the attic framing, potentially compromising the framework they travelled through from the foundation.

If you ever see those mud “tubes” anywhere, always look down, because they’ve originated from the soil. That said, the method of treatment will be focused at the soil. Industry research and development has made great strides in subterranean termite control. Fortunately, low-to-no toxicity termiticides are now available.

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