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Flying and Swarming Termites

Flying termites or swarming termites can be the sign of a termite problem. Termite colonies cast off swarmers each year from August to December; this is the drywood termite's annual migration period. Hundreds of termite swarmers take flight on warm days searching out locations to start new colonies. Winged reproductive swarmers seek out any exposed wood. Once inside the wood, the swarmer termites lay eggs and the birth of a new colony is born. All wood framed structures along the coast of Southern California can be infested many times in just one swamering season. In the heavily termite infested areas flying termites move from building to building, wood member to wood member starting new colonies by the thousands each year.

If you see swarming termites don't panic just call Home Saving Termite Control, we will be happy to send out a state licensed termite inspector to evaluate your termite problem. Our no cost termite inspection will reveal any new or existing termite infestations. Any drywood termite problem can be eliminated with the Home Saving DEHYDRATION System®, the non-poisonous termite procedure. Utilizing E.P.A. registered DRI-OUT® a one of a kind termite elimination product, property owners don't have to put up with swarming termites each year. DRI-OUT® is a non-poisonous moisture absorbing desiccant that kills termites by natural, physical dehydration after only momentary contact. A structure protected by the Home Saving DEHYDRATION System® utilizing DR-OUT® is termite resistant for many years.

Benefits of the Home Saving Termite DEHYDRATION System®

• No toxic chemicals or pesticides are used

• Application only has to be preformed once for the life of the building

• Requires no move out of residents

• Eliminates existing drywood termites

• Stops drywood termite re-infestation.

• No property damage

• Dri-Out Dehydration System® is backed by a 5 year guarantee