Home Saving Termite Control Service Vehicles

Typical single family home DEHYDRATION vehicle. All of these trucks carry the crew along with the special DEHYDRATION equipment to install the DRI-OUT® product throughout the entire structure.
Typical multi-dwelling DEHYDRATION installation vehicle. Specializing in condominiums, apartment complexes and town homes. Each one of your multi-dwelling trucks carries up to 5 crew members, along with the special DEHYDRATION equipment to install the DRI-OUT® product protecting the complete complex.
One of 4 quality control vehicles. Our QC staff re-inspects each and every completed DEHYDRATION system. Making sure all known drywood termite colonies have been eliminated. Re-inspecting is part of the DEHYDRATION System and is performed on the 2nd and 5th year of the guarantee.
Our inspection vehicles. Special equipped for detecting all types of termites, especially the most difficult drywood termites. Each one of our licensed inspectors is a trained drywood termite specialist.
Supervisor vehicles. All Dri-Out DEHYDRATION System installations are overseen by one of Home Saving Termite Control, Inc.'s supervisors. Leaving nothing to chance we make sure the customer receives the best termite elimination available.
Commercial DEHYDRATION System vehicles. Restaurants, motels, hotels, or any commercial business receives the same high quality installation. Carrying larger DEHYDRATION installation equipment insures a even amount of Dri-Out® is present throughout multi level buildings.