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Why choose the Dri-Out Dehydration System?

There are many reasons why this system is the best termite elimination method.

  1. This product is 100 percent poison free. Therefore, pose no adverse chemical side effects for humans, animals, fish, fowl or the environment.
  2. The initial installation process will never need to be repeated for the life of the structure.
  3. DRI-OUT will kill migrating reproductive swarmers as they enter annually before they can start new colonies.
  4. Occupants do not move out of structure during system installation.
  5. No roof damage will occur.
  6. No landscape damage will occur.
  7. No interior plants, food, medicines need to be removed.
  8. No Move out
  9. All occupants of a structure may be present inside the structure during installation.
  10. Fully insured and bonded, only trained professional employees will enter your property. (Subcontractors are never used for this system installation.)
  11. DRI-OUT is non-poisonous, non staining and odorless.
  12. System installation workmanship is backed by a 100% unconditional customer satisfaction guarantee.
  13. Safest and longest lasting termite protection in the industry.
  14. Home Saving Termite Control, Inc. will never allow this exclusive and patented system to be compromised in any way. Therefore, be assured every structure will receive the maximum professional effort of each HOME SAVING TERMITE CONTROL, INC. representative.


The DRI-OUT DEHYDRATION SYSTEM can do just that! Home Saving Termite Control Inc. developed a system of control against potential Drywood termite infestations within a home’s bare wood, concealed framing.

The “dehydration” aspect is key. Once a drywood termite contacts bare wood framing that has a coating of Dri-Out, it literally “dries out”! Unlike conventional chemical pesticides, Dri-Out does not affect a termite’s nervous system. Non-poisonous Dri-Out merely has a physical effect on the termite’s exoskeleton, (we know, it still sounds creepy). Momentary contact does the job. And, unlike conventional chemical pesticides, Dri-Out is long lasting. It will be there, ready for the next season’s attack, without adverse affects on you, your plants, your pets (unless they’re termites) or the environment. Dri-Out can be applied in all perimeter wall voids, attics, and/or in specific locations; directly injected into the termite colonies. No move-out, no packing, no gases, no oils, no odors.

Our state-licensed Home Saving Termite Control Inc. inspector will conduct a free inspection to evaluate the situation; not just confirm the presence of termites, but to determine the colony’s location(s).

Once that’s done, we can offer how and where the Dri-Out Dehydration System can be applied.

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